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    Ministries ASK financially supports

    Hannah Larkins – full time missionary at Youth With A Mission in Kansas City.¬†YWAM is one of the world’s largest mission sending organizations, with locations in over 187 countries. YWAM equips missionaries to work in every part of society to impact the greater good of that region and nation. YWAM missionaries uniquely train missionaries to reach all the nations and cultures of the earth through missions: including compassion and mercy ministries, justice ministries, teaching the Bible and evangelism, as well as meeting practical needs of those they interact with. Hannah has traveled to many countries and has taken students on many local mission trips.

    BJ Burns – full time missionary with ACI in Kurdistan Iraq

    ACI works in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq. ACI partners with four other NGOs to execute many projects in the region. One program provides nutrition supplementation to families in villages around the larger city of Erbil. They purchase and distribute these nutrition kits to needy families and through that are able to initiate stronger relationships with them. This leads to opportunities to share the Good News with them. The same is true for medical support initiatives that we carry out. We also provide material and financial support for a home school for Syrian Kurdish refugee children where they receive basic education as well as supplemental education in Biblical studies. Currently we’re helping open a school actually in Syria! Partnership with a larger NGO on The Prayer Bears project has enabled around 10 families to meet basic needs that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. While it was intended as “supplemental income” there is often no primary income source available to refugee families, as many of them are not allowed to work in Iraqi Kurdistan. In one family it actually paid for the college education of one of their daughters. In one of the villages, all of the families involved in the project have subsequently come to Christ through other ministry outreach programs, no doubt due to prayer for them. It has been a powerful blessing to them and opportunity to deepen developing relationships.

    Sharon and Martin VanHorn – full time ministers with Life Connections International
    Life Connections International is a ministry helping people to know and experience God personally and encouraging them to have life-giving relationships with others, through modeling, community building, mentoring, teaching, ministry trips, seminars and retreats. They offer: Relationship and Marriage Education, Crisis Chaplaincy, Pastoral Counseling, Mediation, Life Coaching Bible Teaching, Training, Mentoring, Community Building, Ministry Trips, Seminars and Retreats. The VanHorns have done ministry in many countries.